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About me

Picture Jens Hatlak I am 38 of age, student of computer science at the TU Darmstadt and thus easy to get enthusiastic about things like programming and solving computer problems (some friends gladly take on this offer ;-)). One might not believe it but I also have other hobbies, for example riding the bike, golf, table tennis, swimming, billards, darts, reading books, going to the cinema, bowling or meeting friends.

Technisches HilfswerkWhen I'm neither at home nor at university on wednesdays and saturdays you'll find me at the THW where I'm serving the German disaster relief organization. I mainly obliged because I don't have to do military service this way. ;-) On the other hand I'm also learning much you can use in everyday life - mainly handicraft capabilities are in demand: wood and stone work, usage of chain saw, flex and drill hammer, knots, leaders, saving of injured persons (a 16-hour first aid course is part of the training), transmitting, the mandatory self-protection and much more.

Don't get frustrated! Even without studying I intensively occupy myself with the computer. Especially programming PHP scripts is much fun, but also writing and publishing of own projects. For example, I'm co-author of the well-known German tutorial DSP by Christoph Reeg, inventor of the Dreamweaver Manual, operate an own, quite extensive acronym database, and even my Atari pages draw some attention.


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Jens Hatlak
March 2, 2004