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Jugendnetz FFMThis site is part of the private area of the Jugendnetz Frankfurt ("Youthnet Frankfurt").
I for myself am member of the JuServ (Jugendnetz­Server) administration team for some time now which meets every Sunday in the Jugendclub Praunheim (JCP). According to me living in Germany you may know that the content of this youth net is only German.

While I was creating these site I was thinking about how to start the project. Promptly I took the decision that the advantages the usage of frames brings predominate in comparison to the disadvantages at this project. Those who use a browser not able to view frames or a plain-text browser such as Lynx can still reach all pages that are part of this project.

Some time later I decided also to use, additional to "normal" HTML, JavaScript, but for the time being only on a low scale (highlighting function for the buttons in the left frame). Nevertheless, these site should be displayed correctly by any browser - even those shall be able to use the content of this site whose browser doesn't support JavaScript, Java or anything like that.

Well, as time went by I came to the conclusion that frames are not the ultimate way for my site to go - so just kick it away! :-) As I didn't like it to, e.g., change a font in all sub-pages of my site, I finally decided to introduce CSS. That means many stilistic specialities are only visible with browsers that are able to interpret CSS now (there are none for the Atari yet). When re-editing the pages, I oriented myself after the results of both Netscape Navigator 4.5 and Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.01; if there should be any errors with other browsers able to interpret CSS, please inform me!

With the W3C (WWW Consortium) validation it should be guaranteed that this site isn't damaging or buggy in any way - whoever wants to is advised to verify that. :-)


I have been quite active on the MausNet and a confirmed Atari fan. As I've been well informed by the group Maus.Computer.Atari.News of the MausNet, it only seemed logical to me to spend my free time with documenting all new versions of my best-liked programs and exhibiting it in public. ;-)

No, seriously: Above all, the pages "Sites" and "Updates" shall serve to keep myself and all others interested in Atari informed with the latest news and updates. My intention was and is to create a central place which every interested one can, for example, once in a week or a month "touch at" to see if something developed on the Atari sector. Especially, I have those in view who do have an Internet account but are no member of the MausNet®, maybe because they do not live in Germany and thus can't get a connection in their local exchange. Those who are still interested in it and want to know more can do that gladly: the MausNet® info.

Now some words about my translating "career": I started with Joe 1.42 and translated all following public versions of both Joe and Joe's Good Tricks to German (Joe 1.47 + JGT is available on this site: page Joe). Additionally, I did some other translating work (a chapter of some German manual to English). Now I'm going to really start over... Since the "rebirth" of the ST-Computer I translate its online offer into English, too. Apart from that there are also sometimes assignments by Bengy Collins (MagiC Online) when his interview partners are writing in German. :-) At the time being I'm also webmaster of the Milan-Computer pages while Joachim is absent.


Suggestions or whatever else referring to my homepage (e.g. its styling or content), comments referring to Joe or pleasing news of any kind are seen and read very gladly. Just write an e-mail to me (see below)!


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Jens Hatlak
April 2, 2002